Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run php pages on tomcat!

Today I feel the urge to congratulate some of our colleagues that strive to bring helpful extensions to our favourite open source software. The subject at hand is Tomcat and it's capability to run php!

As a java based server, tomcat serves jsp and java servlets. It has also embedded libraries for cgi should anyone would like to use it. But now an open source project called php-java-bridge brings php web projects to Tomcat. The installation is rather simple for a single php application, while making tomcat run php by default is hardly difficult!

I am not going to write any kind of tutorial this time, because the original tutorial that I have found here is complete.

Good job boys.
Keep Tomcat the best application server!

I only need to add one thing missing from the tutorial mentioned. In my ubuntu box I needed first to install php5 and php-cgi (along with all its dependencies!) with:
sudo apt-get install php5 php-cgi

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